Prices as at 1 March 2016

Prices are as follows unless otherwise stated.

All prices include GST.

Dendrobium bigibbum (Cooktown Orchid)/Phalaenanthe/intermediate seedlings
(unless otherwise noted)

50mm terracotta pots


80mm terracotta pots


Dendrobium (cool)/Tropicool™/Sarcochilus/Tolumnia seedlings (unless otherwise noted)

50mm (2”) pots


70/80mm (3-3”) pots


100mm (4”) pots


125mm (5”) pots


150mm (6”) pots


175mm (7”) pots


200mm (8”) pot


CV790/09, CV794/09, CV805/09, CV806/09,
CV866/10, CV867/10, CV939/10, CV943/10,
CV950/10, CV954/10

125mm (5”) pots


150mm (6”) pots


175mm (7”) pots


200mm (8”) pots



Flowering Size plants  -FROM $15.00

    Plants in Flower - Price as determined

    We  accept VISA and MASTERCARD.

Please advise if you do not want us to substitute a plant of similar type, size and colour if we are sold out of your first choice.

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